Pinterest Love no. 3

Here are my favorite Pins this week.

1. Angelfood cake skewers

This looks amazing! I am totally going to serve these at my next party. And you're totally invited...
Stunning colors. I don't know if I could eat off of these because I wouldn't want to get them dirty. Plus I would be too busy staring at all the beautiful colors.
My son's 13th's birthday is coming up soon and I want to put together a candy bar for him and his friends. Do you think these are too girly? Will they care since they will be filled with candy?
They look so easy to make. This is definitely being added to my to do list.
4. Poppies!

 I am in love with poppies right now! I just purchased some seeds and am going to try to grow some... wish me luck.
 My all time favorite flower - the Hydrangea. This is being added to my to do list.
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