Pinterest Love no. 6

Here are my favorite Pinterest finds this week. Enjoy!
1. Table Top Letters

This looks like a fun way to add dimension to a table top. I don't know about you but I love typography (letters & numbers). My only concern would be using the table and I would probably add a piece of glass on top or maybe epoxy.

2. Trophy and Medal Display

I think this is a great idea for all the participation medals my kids get. I'm definitely adding this to my to do list.

3. Blanket Ladder Display

This is so sweet and functional. In our house we keep the temperature low and use a lot of lap blankets and quilts when we're watching TV to keep warm. This is a great way to store and display those blankets and quilts.

4. Beaded Glass Gifts

This is the perfect little housewarming or hostess gift. Its something unique that will be sure to be cherished. All the directions are provided on the link. Check it out.

5. Lace Top with Turquoise Bead Necklace

I really love that necklace. I love Turquoise. I think I'll work on making a necklace like that. Love Love Love.

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New Job!

I started a new job this week. I haven't shared on my blog what I do when I'm not being creative and updating vintage items. I'm what they call a Corporate Event Planner. I plan events to help generate new customers and new sales. The objective is always to increase sales and promote brand awareness. I have been planning events for over 10 years. This last week I started at a new company and will be responsible for their event program. Helping them get sales leads and positioning themselves as market leaders.

A part of my job is actually going to the events that I plan and from time to time on this blog I'll share that experience. I have the opportunity to go to fun new places and experience exciting things. All of those posts will be labeled "Life as a Corporate Event Planner". I hope you'll enjoy the ride with me.



Pinterest Love no. 5

I had a hard time choosing just 5 today but here are my favorites this week.
1. Winecork Corkboard

I love that they added color to their corkboard. I have been collecting winecorks for a while. I may have to use some for this project.
I am so adding this to my to do list. I'm ready for flowers and love that this would let you put those amazing hanging baskets anywhere.
Love this! I just love adding that unexpected color.
My mom is a quilt artist and always has sewing projects going on. She spends more time in her sewing room than anywhere else. When I saw this pin I immediately thought of her. I will be keeping my eyes open for old wood spools so I can make this for her sewing room.
I love these flowers. But I really love that they are planted in this amazing dish. What a wonderful idea!
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Pinterest Love no. 4

Here are my top five pins in my feed this week.

1. Plywood Mat

It seems this is an old post but it is new to me. And one I was excited to have show up in my pin feed. I have a plastic mat in my craft space and it is cracked to the point that my chair does not roll smoothly across it. Actually it justs stuck in the cracks. This is a great alternative. Its cheaper and the update on the link says that its lasted 3 years without any cracks or paint chips. This is being added to my to do list.

I love lamp! I have yet to make a lamp. I keep reading and seeing how easy it can be but the idea is so intimidating. I love that this link has a full tutorial. So cool!

Isn't this so sweet. I love how she combined the ornate pieces with the simple plates. When I was a child my mom gave me my very own demitasse cup, it is one of my favorite things. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for pieces to make my own teacup display. 

I can't decide what I like more the rain boots wreath decor or the amazing door the boots are hanging on. This is a super cute idea for spring.

So its not a pretty picture but talk about a cheap way to keep plants warm. Living in the Seattle area we don't get a lot of sun or warmth in the Fall, Winter or Spring... it can be depressing. The link has a few ideas for helping your garden. I will definitely be referring to it as I try to work in my yard. 

Well I hope you enjoyed some of my Pinterest Love! Thanks for stopping by! 



Pinterest Love no. 3

Here are my favorite Pins this week.

1. Angelfood cake skewers

This looks amazing! I am totally going to serve these at my next party. And you're totally invited...
Stunning colors. I don't know if I could eat off of these because I wouldn't want to get them dirty. Plus I would be too busy staring at all the beautiful colors.
My son's 13th's birthday is coming up soon and I want to put together a candy bar for him and his friends. Do you think these are too girly? Will they care since they will be filled with candy?
They look so easy to make. This is definitely being added to my to do list.
4. Poppies!

 I am in love with poppies right now! I just purchased some seeds and am going to try to grow some... wish me luck.
 My all time favorite flower - the Hydrangea. This is being added to my to do list.
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Old Record Cabinet

This might be my favorite piece so far. I bought this old record cabinet at the Goodwill Outlet probably a year ago. I was finally inspired to fix it up.

Before pictures:

I can just imagine this filled with old records.
Old dusty records...

I knew this cabinet needed new life. So I mixed up some MMS Milk Paint and got out my Polystain. Man I love that stuff.

Here are the after pictures:

And I added a hidden pop(!)of color.

I think it turned out wonderful. I finished it with a coat of Hemp Oil. Magic.

I used the canning jars to mix my paint in and decided to just let them dry. I love the colors. I added a little pearls and a little lace... lovely.

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Wicker Seat Bench

I bought this bench off of craigslist. It had spent a lot of time outside but was generally in good condition. I had to glue the seat trim down and give it a good cleaning, that was easy enough.

I love the simple lines. Please ignore the unruly winter garden. As I've mentioned before I'm not a gardener and so while I'd love to blame it all on the winter, its mostly because I don't spend any time on it. Any way the bench was simple and boring before...

I mixed up some MMS Milk Paint

I tried a new technique for mixing it. I put equal parts of Kitchen Scale Milk Paint and water in a canning jar, made sure the lid was tight and shook. Really I had a dance party with the jar. Even my daughter Alexis played along. I mixed up Kitchen Scale and Grain Sack (for another project). We had a good time with it.

It took 2 coats plus some touch ups to get coverage on the bench. After it was dry I brushed on some hemp oil and called it good. Its still a little oily but I've read that it takes 30 days for it really to cure. Luckily I can use it while its curing.

Here's the results.

I haven't decided if I want to use 1 or 3 pillows. Actually I plan on making a couple small pillows to go with this bench but I haven't finished them yet. Right now the bench is in our entry way but I think when the weather gets better I'll put it on our front porch.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my wicker seat bench.

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