Go Seahawks!

The last couple of football seasons have been really exciting for us Seahawks fans.

 We're making history this week when we win the Superbowl. (yes I said when we win) The entire state has come together to support the team. That is what I love most about the Seahawks, that it bring so many people together. I love the 12th Man!

To show my support (on a really small budget) I made a "Go Seahawks" wreath for my front door.

I only used materials I had around the house. I made the wreath form from a pool noodle (I'm not sure if that is the official name for the tube like floating toys the kids use in the pool).

I cut strips of blue and green paper.

After assembling the wreath I cut "V"s into the paper strips and added my letter embellishments.

It turned out pretty good and I've already had some compliments from some door-to-door visitors.

I got the idea from this UK blog - Ain't She Crafty.

 All I have left to say is... GO HAWKS!

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