A Pair of Chairs

I really love these chairs. When I got them they were all scratched up. I didn't hate the wood color but since they were so beat up I knew they needed to be painted. I decided to try Maison Blanche Wrought Iron Chalk Paint on them and I fell in love...  

I replaced the fabric on the seats, painted the decorative detail with Maison Blanche Magnolia, added some distressing and finished them with the Maison Blanche dark wax.

Here are some detail pictures of the chairs.

I only have 2 of these chairs. I wish I could find more of them because they would make a great set around a dining table. But for now they sit in front of my fireplace.

Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.

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Chicken Wire Wreath

Good morning! I'm excited to share my next project with you. I was inspired by One Tough Mother's Pinwheel wreath.

So on Sunday I gathered all the supplies I needed to make one of my own.

I recently purchased a roll of chicken wire and had seen a wreath made from chicken wire at a vintage fair I attended in Kirkland a couple weeks ago. So I decided to start with making a wreath shape from chicken wire. Since my chicken wire isn't naturally old, distressed or rusted I decided to spray paint it with some Oil Rubbed Bronze.

While the paint was drying I found a couple sheets of old piano music. I try to always have some on hand. I made a few pinwheels in a couple different sizes. I wrapped the chicken wire wreath is decorative floral wire, added my pinwheels and hung my wreath.


I really think it turned out great. Let me know what you think.



Sofa Table updo

I generally like to fix up old vintage furniture but in this case I decided to fix up something because it was boring. I got this sofa table at a garage sale a few weeks ago. The family was moving and selling a lot of furniture and household items but this table was all that I went home with (besides a beanbag chair for Alexis).

Here's the before picture.

A close up of the table before my makeover

I cleaned it up and sanded off the glossy poly coat to expose the wood. Then I stained the top, painted the legs and then added a decorative drawer pull.

Here's the end result.

I hope you've enjoyed my sofa table up do. Its fitting nice in my entry way right now but it will be a piece that I'm selling. Let me know if you're interested.


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Burlap Table Runners

I was so excited when I found a couple yards of burlap at my local Goodwill! I didn't have anything in mind when I bought it but I knew I'd find a project. I looked on Pinterest for ideas. I found some great ones. Like:
from livingwellspendingless.com


But I was really inspired when I went to my Sister-n-Law's house (she has the most amazing style) and saw a Burlap Table runner on her kitchen table. She had purchased it a vintage flea market in Hillsboro, OR a few months ago. I decided I wanted to make myself one. So I washed my burlap and let it dry outside... burlap is so stinky. After it was dry I ironed it and ironed it. Finally it was ready to cut, I used the method described on Ella Claire Inspired to avoid it completely unraveling.

After cutting and sewing the edges I added some lace...The results.

I made a blue lace runner

I made a white lace runner

I ended up making four long table runners; two with white/cream lace, one blue and one with black lace. I also made three short runner; two with cream lace and one with black lace. All from the burlap I purchased at the Goodwill.

I'm going to make these available at my next sale but if you're interested in one let me know. $5 for the short ones and $10 for the long runners. I can send measurements... just let me know.

Have a great day!



American Flag and Hydrangeas

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday! I'm really glad to have a day off to spend with my family. I wanted to take a moment to Thank the veterans past and present for fighting for our Freedom and protecting that Freedom. Its going to be a glorious day!

Yesterday I was at the Goodwill and was surprised to find a section of old used American Flags. I don't know why I was surprised since Goodwill has such a crazy selection of merchandise but I was. It made me a little sad to see all of the flags just sitting there unloved. And while I couldn't buy all of them I did find one that I could proudly wave in front of my house.

I love that it looks old and is faded. I can only imagine where this flag was before coming home with me. I'm sure my imagination is far more exciting that its reality. I should probably trim those bushes back so the flag has more room to wave. Can you see my hydrangea bush? I absolutely love hydrangeas! And they are blooming now.

I'm hoping a few of these sprout roots so I can put them all over my yard. Anyone have any advice for growing plants from cuttings?

Enjoy the fireworks and family time today!



My First Flea Market

I'm sure that my sister n law and I will look back on this day and laugh. We participated in the very first Saturdayz Flea Market in Tacoma a couple weeks ago. This was our first time at a flea market and this being their first day meant not too many vendors or visitors. But the setting was cool and actually we did ok all thing considered. We were one of four vendors set up. You can see that we're still working on our booth set up design. Most of the items here belong to my sister n law, Megan, she owns Urban Junkie. She has been a huge encouragement for me to get started.

The Market was held in an old part of Tacoma. Outside the Tacoma Maintenance building. In the past it was used by the city for the Farmers Market. I would really love to see inside...

Here are a few items I had available; And actually the only things I have left are the old red toolbox and the tray with a few glasses.

We had a great time and I look forward to next market adventure.

Time to Begin

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