American Flag and Hydrangeas

Happy 4th of July!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful holiday! I'm really glad to have a day off to spend with my family. I wanted to take a moment to Thank the veterans past and present for fighting for our Freedom and protecting that Freedom. Its going to be a glorious day!

Yesterday I was at the Goodwill and was surprised to find a section of old used American Flags. I don't know why I was surprised since Goodwill has such a crazy selection of merchandise but I was. It made me a little sad to see all of the flags just sitting there unloved. And while I couldn't buy all of them I did find one that I could proudly wave in front of my house.

I love that it looks old and is faded. I can only imagine where this flag was before coming home with me. I'm sure my imagination is far more exciting that its reality. I should probably trim those bushes back so the flag has more room to wave. Can you see my hydrangea bush? I absolutely love hydrangeas! And they are blooming now.

I'm hoping a few of these sprout roots so I can put them all over my yard. Anyone have any advice for growing plants from cuttings?

Enjoy the fireworks and family time today!




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