Burlap Table Runners

I was so excited when I found a couple yards of burlap at my local Goodwill! I didn't have anything in mind when I bought it but I knew I'd find a project. I looked on Pinterest for ideas. I found some great ones. Like:
from livingwellspendingless.com


But I was really inspired when I went to my Sister-n-Law's house (she has the most amazing style) and saw a Burlap Table runner on her kitchen table. She had purchased it a vintage flea market in Hillsboro, OR a few months ago. I decided I wanted to make myself one. So I washed my burlap and let it dry outside... burlap is so stinky. After it was dry I ironed it and ironed it. Finally it was ready to cut, I used the method described on Ella Claire Inspired to avoid it completely unraveling.

After cutting and sewing the edges I added some lace...The results.

I made a blue lace runner

I made a white lace runner

I ended up making four long table runners; two with white/cream lace, one blue and one with black lace. I also made three short runner; two with cream lace and one with black lace. All from the burlap I purchased at the Goodwill.

I'm going to make these available at my next sale but if you're interested in one let me know. $5 for the short ones and $10 for the long runners. I can send measurements... just let me know.

Have a great day!




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