Pinterest Love no. 2

Here are my 5 favorite pins on Pinterest this week. Enjoy!

1. Be Brave Printable

This is one of my favorite songs. It is also one of my daughter's favorite songs. I love that. I love that it has a great message. OSP has made a wonderful free printable. I love that too!

2. Ladder Shelf
Isn't this so cool. I actually have an old ladder in the garage. This is getting added to my to do list. Thanks Refresh Restyle for the awesome tutorial and inspiration.

3. Beadboard Table Top Box

I just love the simplicity of this center piece. Happy at Home provided a great tutorial on how to make this box. I so want to be more comfortable with tools. This might be a good starter project.

4. Owl Coin Purse
I have not been able to get over my infatuation with owls. They are just so stinking cute! This pattern from Do Small Things With Love seems easy to do. I love it.

5. Mint Colored Reading Chair
What a wonderful chair, wonderful space, wonderful color combination. Classy Clutter did an amazing job classing it up.

Well I hope you enjoyed a recap of my favorite Pins this week. You can follow me on Pinterest to see all my inspiration. Feel free to share your favorite Pin in the comments. I'm always interested to know what people are planning when they pin something.

Have a great day!




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