Pinterest Love no. 4

Here are my top five pins in my feed this week.

1. Plywood Mat

It seems this is an old post but it is new to me. And one I was excited to have show up in my pin feed. I have a plastic mat in my craft space and it is cracked to the point that my chair does not roll smoothly across it. Actually it justs stuck in the cracks. This is a great alternative. Its cheaper and the update on the link says that its lasted 3 years without any cracks or paint chips. This is being added to my to do list.

I love lamp! I have yet to make a lamp. I keep reading and seeing how easy it can be but the idea is so intimidating. I love that this link has a full tutorial. So cool!

Isn't this so sweet. I love how she combined the ornate pieces with the simple plates. When I was a child my mom gave me my very own demitasse cup, it is one of my favorite things. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for pieces to make my own teacup display. 

I can't decide what I like more the rain boots wreath decor or the amazing door the boots are hanging on. This is a super cute idea for spring.

So its not a pretty picture but talk about a cheap way to keep plants warm. Living in the Seattle area we don't get a lot of sun or warmth in the Fall, Winter or Spring... it can be depressing. The link has a few ideas for helping your garden. I will definitely be referring to it as I try to work in my yard. 

Well I hope you enjoyed some of my Pinterest Love! Thanks for stopping by! 




Anonymous said...

I love this - especially the rain boot wreath and the plywood rug {heading over to Pinterest now to check it out}!

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