Pinterest Love no. 5

I had a hard time choosing just 5 today but here are my favorites this week.
1. Winecork Corkboard

I love that they added color to their corkboard. I have been collecting winecorks for a while. I may have to use some for this project.
I am so adding this to my to do list. I'm ready for flowers and love that this would let you put those amazing hanging baskets anywhere.
Love this! I just love adding that unexpected color.
My mom is a quilt artist and always has sewing projects going on. She spends more time in her sewing room than anywhere else. When I saw this pin I immediately thought of her. I will be keeping my eyes open for old wood spools so I can make this for her sewing room.
I love these flowers. But I really love that they are planted in this amazing dish. What a wonderful idea!
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